"Not Alone"

When Reilly joins Eliza for a ghost hunt, she finds out she's not as alone as she thinks.

Content Warning: References to depression, suicide, and suicidal ideation. Proceed with care.  

Available on Gumroad.


"Busty Girl Comics"

A self-published series about the perks and problems of being busty. Safe-for-work and body positive, this series consists of 3 books with 100 comics in each. 

The original webcomic series ran in 2012 and updated daily.

The webcomic can still be read at


"The Steadfast Sky"

Written by Grey Scot Potter.

A Spy. A Scholar. A Musician. A Magician.

Trapped in a city of shadows and nightmares, four teens bridge the barrier between their worlds.

Available on Amazon.

"Hourly Comic Day 2020"

My contribution to the Hourly Comic Day tradition for 2020. A full-color diary comic detailing a busy day that took me from Puerto Penasco to Bikini Bottom. 

Available on Gumroad.